Quick Caravan Troubleshooting Tips

A high-quality caravan may last for many years before it needs repairs of any sort, but once your caravan needs some fixes, you don't want to put off having this work done. If left unchecked, minor repairs can soon lead to major problems and can also mean putting your safety at risk when towing the caravan behind your car. Note a few quick caravan troubleshooting tips so you know what to expect by way of repairs, and know why it's good to have them addressed as quickly as possible.


A broken suspension will often mean that the caravan dips and dives every time it hits a bump. You may feel some resistance with the caravan in the tow vehicle when it does this, since the suspension system is not absorbing the movement of those dips as it should. The caravan may also dip forward when you brake, and this can also cause resistance or the feeling of the tow car being pulled backward.

A broken leaf is also a common suspension problem; this is a curved part of the suspension that goes over the wheel well and helps to absorb shock. You may notice the caravan dipping in one corner when a leaf is broken, and it may especially rock or bounce in that corner when you hit bumps. If you notice any of these issues when driving the caravan, have the suspension checked as quickly as possible to avoid potential damage to its body and to ensure proper braking when on the road.


Bearings are a set of rounded gears in wheel wells that allow tyres to turn while they rotate. These bearings also allow tyres to rotate at different speeds, which is needed when you turn corners. The bearings rub against each other as they turn, so when they begin to suffer corrosion, you'll often hear a loud squealing sound. Have the bearings checked and replaced as needed, so the tyres always rotate properly when towing the caravan.

Chassis or frame

A caravan frame is typically made up of steel beams that are welded at the corners; these beams may eventually suffer rust and corrosion and start to weaken. When this happens, you may notice a soft feeling underfoot when inside the caravan. You might also notice that the caravan seems to sag in the middle or along one side. In these cases, it's good to have the chassis repaired with a plate that can be welded to the weakened section to keep the frame strong and in good repair.