You’ll Run These Risks If You Don’t Change Your Car’s Engine Oil in Good Time

Virtually every car owner knows that they are supposed to go in for car servicing and change their engine oil at some point. Yet many car owners fail to perform this critical car maintenance service on time simply because they are oblivious to the reasons why changing the oil is so important.

If you've just got yourself a new car, you shouldn't skip changing the engine oil on a timely basis. Otherwise, you'll most probably be plagued with these car problems.

Poor lubrication of engine parts

One of the core functions of engine oil is to keep moving engine parts properly lubricated. Over time, however, engine oil disintegrates and accumulates dirt. When this happens, the oil won't be able to effectively lubricate the various engine parts. Without proper lubrication, it is most likely that engine parts will seize up because of rubbing together. This will, in turn, cause costly or irreversible damage to the engine.

As a car owner, it is imperative that you remove and replace old or ineffective engine oil with new oil before you can be faced with major engine troubles. With fresh, clean oil, your engine will run at optimal efficiency and it will last longer.

Overheating of the engine

Because the fuel/air mixture gets burnt in the internal combustion chamber, engine temperatures tend to reach rather high levels. Engine oil not only works to lubricate the engine, but also helps to cool the engine by absorbing and dissipating heat away from the combustion chamber.

Engine oil has cooling properties, which helps prevent things from getting dangerously hot in the combustion chamber. This, in turn, minimises the likelihood of the engine overheating.

Noisy car operation

Your engine will certainly generate some noise even when it is running at peak efficiency. But if your engine starts to sound noisier than it usually does, it is likely that it needs an oil change. As engine oil wears out and begins to lose its lubricating properties over time, the moving components in the engine may start rubbing against each other, resulting in loud noises. If you don't want to travel in a car that makes loud engine noise, changing your oil in good time is something you'll need to do without fail.

Changing your car's engine oil is a DIY-friendly job, but it does take time and you should be ready to get a little dirty. If you don't think you're up to the task, it is best to let a qualified mechanic do the job for you.