Why Levelling Out Your Caravan Is No Longer a Chore

As you get older, you may opt for more creature comforts, especially as it has become more challenging to deal with manual tasks. This is certainly true when it comes to your leisure time activities, as you plan your annual caravanning holiday. If you hate having to fight with your caravan while you try to level it out at your chosen destination, then relief has now arrived. Why should you consider fitting a brand-new system to your tourer?

The Old Way

As you undoubtedly know, the process of levelling the caravan out at any given field can be lengthy and arduous. In the very old days you had to use various planks of wood to try and figure it all out, while more recently you may have had to wind individual jacks up and down.

Welcome to the Future

However, now you can fit a fully enclosed system to your caravan that will do it all for you and in a very short space of time. You won't have to lift a finger apart from pressing the 'go' button on a remote control and you'll be ready to enjoy the easy life at the drop of a hat.

How Does It Work?

You can get this system fitted to your caravan when you next take it in for service. It is composed of a hydraulic pump, two individual axle jacks, four heavy duty legs and an electric motor.

The hydraulic pump will activate the jacks with enough pressure to raise even the heaviest of caravans. As this happens, two jacks come down in place to level the caravan latterly, before the front and rear legs provide the final adjustments. All of this can take place in just a couple of minutes, which is a considerable improvement to the 'old days'.

Isn't It Too Heavy?

You may worry that this amount of kit may add a lot of weight and therefore affect your towing capacity or available payload. However, they're typically available in compact kits that do not impact your capability to any great extent. Furthermore, if you buy a new caravan down the road you can always transfer this system to your new purchase.

What about an Emergency?

Some people may be worried that they cannot override the system and if they lose power they may be stuck in that field forever. However, it does have an emergency retract button that can be activated by connecting a 12 volt cable up to a car battery.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this new kit fitted when you get caravan service before your next adventure.