Why You Should Also Use Your Car’s Air Conditioning System When It’s Cold

Do you look forward to a change of season? If so, you may be ready to break out the barbecue when summer comes along and be ready to pull all of those Christmas decorations out of the attic. You may know that some of these activities are purely seasonal, however, and don't think about them for the rest of the year. In turn, you may use this approach when dealing with some other components on your car and in particular, the air conditioning. Why should you think about using your A/C during the cooler times of year as well?

Are You Mad?

You may look at somebody sideways if they suggest that you turn your air conditioning controls on in the middle of July. You may be struggling to build up some heat in your car for the early morning commute as it is and think that this would be extremely counter-productive. Yet it can be a good idea from many different points of view.

Lubricating and Protecting

For a start, you will help to keep the fluid circulating properly through your entire A/C system to help lubricate some of the internal parts and crucially, to keep the rubber components in good condition. If these parts are allowed to dry out during a long "down season", then they will have a tendency to perish or crack. This may result in leakage when you finally begin to use the system again, with the consequent loss of coolant.

Keeping Things Clean

You will also help to keep your system clean if you run the system periodically. Otherwise, bacteria, mildew and mould can build up within the ducts, and this can cause a foul, musty smell within the cabin. Also, it will be particularly unpleasant when you first crank the system into life, and it pushes all of this "stuff" into your face.

Dealing with Moisture

It's a good idea to leave your air conditioning on low at certain times of the day and in certain weather conditions. When you do so, it will help you to keep the windows clear and regulate the amount of moisture within the cabin itself. It will keep the internal humidity level in check, which could help with those annoying coughs and sniffles.

Always Be Prepared

Make sure that your air conditioning system is in full working order when the mercury finally drops so that it can help you survive the cooler times as well.

For more information, contact your local car air conditioning service.