3 Steps To Take If Your Transmission Fluid Leaks

Leaking transmission fluid can cause a lot of stress because you probably depend on your car for several tasks. If you're not careful, a transmission fluid leak can end up being overly expensive, especially if it results in a major breakdown. Prevent this by following these steps if your transmission fluid leaks and make sure you choose a trusted car mechanic to assess and repair the problem. 

1. Look For Colour, Consistency And Odour 

If you have a fluid leak in your car and want to be sure that it is coming from the transmission, check it for colour, odour and consistency. Transmission fluid is usually red in colour but bear in mind that windshield washer fluid can also sometimes be the same colour. Pay close attention to odour and consistency, so you know exactly what it is. Transmission fluid is typically oily and slick and has a similar odour to fuel. If there is a leak somewhere in the system, then you may start to notice a kind of burnt odour from this liquid. 

2. Check For Issues Around The Transmission System

Leaks in the transmission system usually occur because of some fault in the area. This could be around the transmission lines and seals, or the gaskets may be faulty. These faults may require you to completely replace the part to fix and prevent the leak from recurring. Leaking fluid will result in falling levels which could also result in overheating. Overheating can ultimately cause the entire system to break down if it is not repaired in time, so make sure you check for issues like dirty fluid. 

3. Pay Attention To The Way Your Car Starts 

The way your car starts will also indicate whether there is a problem with your transmission fluid. If it fails or is slow to start, then your transmission fluid may be leaking. Similarly, if you hit the accelerator, but notice that it isn't revving up as much, then it could be because your transmission fluid is leaking and that the levels are too low. The best thing to do is to stop driving your car and take it immediately to a mechanic as it could end up being unsafe for you and anyone else in your car. 

If you think you have a transmission fluid leak, you will need to get the problem assessed by a car mechanic as quickly as possible to prevent the issue from becoming too serious. Professional transmission repairs can help you sort out your transmission issues safely and efficiently.