3 Top Services a Professional Smash Repair Auto Shop Must Offer

Automobile accidents can be a real inconvenience to car owners, primarily if you use your vehicle for your daily activities. It is particularly the case in accidents where the vehicle's body is smashed. In such serious accidents, you must choose a smash repair auto-shop that offers quality service. However, how do you establish that you are leaving your prized possession with a professional? This article highlights critical services you should look for in a smash repair auto shop. Read on.

Hire Vehicles

When you take your smashed luxury car to an auto shop for repairs, the amount of time it takes at the auto shop will mostly depend on the extent of the damage. For severe accidents, it is common for the smash repairs to take a month or two. If you use the vehicle to run errands, then you need a means of moving around. Although you can approach a car hire company for this, a smash repair auto shop needs to provide this service to its customers. Notably, it would cost customers less to hire from the smash shop than to hire from a dedicated car rental business. It means that you can move about as normal, but at a much cheaper cost.

An Integrated Jig System

A lot is involved during smash repair projects; therefore, mechanics need the right equipment. Areas that are of critical concern during smash repairs include anchoring and measuring, and while there is equipment designed for these functions, the tools come as dedicated systems. That means that the anchor systems are separate from the measuring equipment; consequently, it makes the setup process challenging. An auto-shop with an integrated measuring and anchoring system goes a long way in making the repair process a breeze. For instance, the anchor systems on the jig also serve as the measuring device, which allows the mechanic to eliminate the need for setting up several pieces of equipment. It shortens the amount of time your car stays at the auto shop.  

Handling Insurance

The good thing with insurance policies related to automotive accidents is that they cover the entire cost of smash repairs. However, the entire process can be frustrating, mainly if you have never dealt with an insurance company. Coupled with the fact that smash repairs only commence repairs once they are sure the insurance company will pay, it is highly likely that your car might spend a more extended period in the auto shop. For this reason, you must choose a smash repairer that also helps with insurance paperwork. Since they deal with such cases regularly, you can speed up the claims process. It ensures you get back your car sooner than later.

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