Vital Parameters to Check When Buying Tyres

Anyone with a vehicle has at least once been faced with the one troublesome question; how do I know the right tyres for my car? Tyres are without a doubt one of the most important parts of an automobile, primarily because they dictate your comfort and safety while driving. Tyres tend to go unnoticed but are the only part of the vehicle that comes into contact with the road while converting engine power and torque into vehicular motion. This means that the tyres you pick have a significant effect on your driving experience because they affect your car handling, steering, braking and acceleration. Here is a rundown of the important tyre performance criteria that you should pay attention to at the auto store.

Sufficient Wet and Dry Grip

Wet grip refers to a tyre's ability to grip the road during wet conditions, and conversely, dry grip is a tire's handling on hard ground. Your cornering, braking and accelerating on wet or dry roads are affected by a tyre's thread, design, rubber compound, and construction. Its therefore paramount that you think your typical load, the type of road and environmental conditions which you'll be driving in mostly when shopping for your next tyres.


It would be awesome if the same set of tyres could be used forever but that is not the case, so until then, tyres have a lifespan. Like most car parts, tyres undergo wear and tear and have a duration within which they remain operable. Taking care of your tyres will make them last longer, but your driving style and distance also play part in the abrasion. Long-lasting tyres tend to have tough treading compounds as opposed to high-performance tyres that wear out easily.

Fuel Consumption

Did you know that your tyres play part in how much fuel your vehicle consumes? Tyres have a huge impact on your vehicle's fuel efficiency because of rolling resistance. Fuel efficient tyres reduce the rolling resistance resulting in lower fuel consumption.

Steering Response

A tyre's steering response by definition is the degree by which a tyre responds in correspondence to a driver's input. The steering response of a tyre is a parameter that is advantageous to you in a situation where you need to evade an unexpected object. You want to hit the middle ground with this one as a very high steering response is too sensitive and can result in a shaky driving experience. Manufactures develop tyres with different responses for multiple purposes so it important you find that suits your needs.

Speak with a professional that handles wheels to learn more.