Why Leaking AC Moisture Signifies a Problem

For your car's air conditioning system to work properly, it needs to be able to condense excess moisture from the air within the cabin and then get rid of it. Several different components are involved here, and you need to keep them all in good condition if you want to be comfortable when behind the wheel. If you don't, you may find that water begins to drip onto your feet when you're driving, and this can be a sign of bigger issues. What could be going wrong here, and what should you do to prevent this occurrence in the first place?

Working System

Underneath the bonnet, your car has a secondary radiator, evaporator and condenser, and all are designed to condition that steamy air. As the moisture is withdrawn from the passenger cabin it is condensed and, usually, will drain out of the system and onto the road beneath.

Free and Open

To begin with, therefore, it is important to ensure that the drain plugs are always free and are not clogged by any debris or dirt. If they are, moisture will eventually build its way back up and find its way onto your feet below. This can be more than just an annoyance as well, as that unwanted water can damage some of the electronic components nearby.

Looking After the Evaporator

That secondary radiator is, in fact, the evaporator. You need to ensure that its surface is kept in good condition and that you get rid of any leaves or other items that may be sucked into the system through the intake vents. If they are left to decompose for any length of time, then they can corrode parts of the metal structure, and this will also degrade performance.

Regular Service Required

You should always take your car in to a mechanic for regular service, and they will also look at the condition of your air conditioning system at the same time. They'll get rid of any dirt or debris accumulation and make sure that those intake and drain points are free and clear. They will also refresh the system if needed so that the refrigerant is able to do its job properly and keep you cool.

Taking Action

If you are troubled by a water leak inside the car or you've noticed an excessive amount of moisture on the ground beneath the vehicle, it's time for you to schedule a car air conditioning service.