3 Tough Questions to Ask Your Mechanic

Your car is a machine like any other; hence, it will experience mechanical issues at some point. When it happens, a qualified mechanic should be your first stop since they are experts in handling car issues. However, you should know that the range of mechanical problems your car can experience is quite broad. Therefore, it is essential to ask your mechanic certain questions before they pick up a wrench. This article highlights tough questions that most motorists should be willing to ask their mechanics.

Are You Familiar With The Car's Make/Model?

Many motorists assume that a mechanic can repair any car with the right qualifications. Thus, most car owners do not bother to ask whether a mechanic is conversant with their car's make or model. Besides, the question might appear condescending. While you might not need to ask the question when taking your car to a dealership, it is vital when dealing with independent mechanics. The reason is that some mechanics specialise in specific makes and models and might not have the expertise to work on your vehicle. The answer to this question informs you whether auto services align with your car manufacturer's recommendations, saving you time and money. 

Do You Charge to Diagnose a Problem? 

There is a widespread misconception that all mechanics diagnose car issues free of charge and only charge for repairs. However, nothing could be further from the truth because diagnosing car issues takes time and resources. Therefore, most mechanics charge separate fees for diagnosis and repairs. Notably, failing to ask a mechanic about the diagnostic fee exposes you to surprises regarding the overall repair cost. Remember, a mechanic is legally obliged to provide you with a written breakdown of the estimate from towing through diagnosis and repairs. Only work with mechanics that do not withhold diagnostic estimates. They should always be willing to provide all necessary information.

What Repairs Should Be Prioritised?

When you take your car to a mechanic, they first diagnose the vehicle to establish malfunctions. In some cases, a diagnosis might reveal several problems requiring various repairs. However, you need to ask your mechanic which issues need immediate maintenance and which ones can wait. For instance, brake malfunctions need immediate repair for safety reasons. Most importantly, working on high priority issues can save you time and money without a significant impact on car performance or safety.

Getting the services you need is important. Contact a mechanic to learn more.