3 Ways To Tell That Your Car’s Power Steering Pump Is Failing

One of the top advantages of owning a car that uses a power steering system is that it's much easier to control it when driving. In fact, at higher speeds, the amount of play in your steering wheel will be greatly reduced. Power steering systems are made up of various components and the pump is one of them. The power steering pump is responsible for providing the hydraulic pressure that your power steering system requires to function. Read More 

Troubleshooting Some Common Problems You Might Have With Your Truck

Your truck may go several years before it needs any repairs or maintenance, but once it begins to act up, you want to address those needed fixes as soon as possible. Putting off that work can mean more expensive fixes down the road, and the risk of your truck shutting down, even while driving. Note a few common problems you might have with your truck so you know what part might need replacing and what you may be facing by way of repair bills. Read More