When It Comes to Your Car’s Differential, There’s One Simple but Very Important Task That You Need to Remember

Apart from the engine, no other part in your car works as hard as the differential. Think of what it has to do. It needs to convert the energy produced by the motor into traction, divert this energy through 90° and deal with the resistance created by the road surface beneath. It's amazing how the internal components put up with this type of stress and also not surprising that they can fail occasionally. Read More 

Subtle Tips for Using a Car Jack Safely

Potential car owners are usually excited about the prospect of owning a car; most never imagine that some emergencies would require them to go underneath the vehicle. You might not be a professional mechanic, but calling one every time you have a flat tire could be expensive in the end. That being said, learning how to use a car jack could be the difference between staying safe and exposing yourself to life-threatening situations. Read More 

Common Electrical Issues You May Face With Your Car

The electrical systems on your car are just as important as the engine, brakes, and everything else under the hood; this is because many parts of a car run by electricity and are not powered by the engine or simple hydraulics. When electrical components fail, your car could stall, run too hot, or fail to start in the first place; obviously this can be very dangerous, for you and other drivers on the road! Read More 

How to Look after Your Vehicle’s Transfer Case

As cars become more sophisticated, manufacturers are always looking for a way to improve stability, traction and the overall ride. These companies are increasingly shifting to four-wheel-drive for their vehicle range, as they've been proven to be not only more efficient, but also safer. You may be new to the world of four-wheel-drive and wonder if you should pay more attention to its upkeep, due to the additional complexity. There is one area that you do need to focus on within the transmission system and that is the transfer case. Read More 

Troubleshooting Two of the More Common Transmission Repair Problems

Never overlook even the smallest problem with your vehicle's transmission, as a small problem can soon turn into major, very expensive repair work. That small problem can also cause your car's transmission to seize up or fail outright, which is obviously very dangerous when on the road, and very inconvenient at any other time. Note two of the more common transmission problems your car might be experiencing, so you know what you might be facing by way of repairs and know what to discuss with your mechanic. Read More