What Happens If the Receiver/Drier on Your Car Malfunctions?

The air conditioning system fitted to your car has many individual components and is designed to last as long as possible with a set amount of service. Sometimes, parts of the system can break down due to unusual circumstances, and this could lead to a lack of refrigeration, a leak or a complete failure. Certainly, the evaporator and the compressor are the two key parts involved in conditioning the air, but other lesser-known components can also play tricks. Read More 

Signs Your Vehicle’s Differential Is Failing

The differential, or simply diff, is a component in your car that uses a series of specialised gears to allow wheels connected to a similar axle to turn efficiently at different speeds. The diff is crucial to the functioning of your vehicle, especially when it comes to making effective turns. Like many vehicle components, your vehicle's diff may become faulty over time. Knowing the symptoms of a failing or bad differential is essential and can save you from drivability problems. Read More 

3 Tough Questions to Ask Your Mechanic

Your car is a machine like any other; hence, it will experience mechanical issues at some point. When it happens, a qualified mechanic should be your first stop since they are experts in handling car issues. However, you should know that the range of mechanical problems your car can experience is quite broad. Therefore, it is essential to ask your mechanic certain questions before they pick up a wrench. This article highlights tough questions that most motorists should be willing to ask their mechanics. Read More 

Why It’s Never Good Enough to Simply Replace the Fluid in Your Automatic Transmission

Most people know how important it is to change their engine oil and filter whenever told by the manufacturer. They book their car in for a service, and it'll be taken care of by their trusty mechanic. Yet, did you know that you should also schedule an automatic transmission service from time to time and that there is more to this than meets the eye? What should you pay attention to? Read More 

Your Guide to Brake Bleeding and Why You Need This Service From Your Mechanic

Even though your car needs all of its systems to function, the brakes are indispensable when it comes to keeping you and other road users safe when you drive. As such, most motorists are aware that they need to provide their braking system with meticulous upkeep, which involves replacing the brake pads once they succumb to wear as well as flushing the brake fluid once it is old or contaminated. However, few people are familiar with the term 'brake bleeding' as an essential maintenance measure. Read More