Troubleshooting Two of the More Common Transmission Repair Problems

Never overlook even the smallest problem with your vehicle's transmission, as a small problem can soon turn into major, very expensive repair work. That small problem can also cause your car's transmission to seize up or fail outright, which is obviously very dangerous when on the road, and very inconvenient at any other time. Note two of the more common transmission problems your car might be experiencing, so you know what you might be facing by way of repairs and know what to discuss with your mechanic. Read More 

How to Unravel Your Car’s Electrical Problem When You’re in a Hurry

There's nothing worse than a car that won't start in the morning when you're in a rush to get somewhere. You simply don't have time for this, but rather than losing your temper or wasting additional time, what if you can figure out the problem right now? If this is an electrical issue, it could be down to one of three different components. Where should you start, as you try to unravel the issue? Read More 

Why Is My Truck Pumping Out Black Smoke, And How Can It Be Prevented?

The diesel engines of modern trucks and heavy goods vehicles are far more efficient and environmentally friendly than those of years gone by, but these modern engines will still create puffs of black, sooty smoke from time to time. Most of the time, this is nothing to worry about—however, sudden increases in the amount of black smoke your truck produces are a much greater cause for concern. Excessive amounts of black smoke coming from your truck's exhaust can be one of the first and most obvious signs of serious malfunctions and mechanical breakdowns, and even if your truck still seems to run smoothly while producing this smoke, the increased pollution created can lead to your truck rapidly falling foul of strict local emission laws. Read More 

Quick Caravan Troubleshooting Tips

A high-quality caravan may last for many years before it needs repairs of any sort, but once your caravan needs some fixes, you don't want to put off having this work done. If left unchecked, minor repairs can soon lead to major problems and can also mean putting your safety at risk when towing the caravan behind your car. Note a few quick caravan troubleshooting tips so you know what to expect by way of repairs, and know why it's good to have them addressed as quickly as possible. Read More 

3 Ways To Tell That Your Car’s Power Steering Pump Is Failing

One of the top advantages of owning a car that uses a power steering system is that it's much easier to control it when driving. In fact, at higher speeds, the amount of play in your steering wheel will be greatly reduced. Power steering systems are made up of various components and the pump is one of them. The power steering pump is responsible for providing the hydraulic pressure that your power steering system requires to function. Read More