Is Your Driving Style Doing a Number on Your Gearbox?

Most cars on the road today come fitted with an automatic gearbox. Manufacturers think that this is the most attractive solution for the majority of buyers, as they don't want to bother with the "hassle" of changing gears by themselves. Yet some drivers like that challenge and opt to get a car fitted with a standard gearbox instead. While this can certainly provide them with some more variety behind the wheel, why do they need to be as careful as possible whenever they change those gears? Read More 

5 Mountain Driving Tips to Save Your Clutch and Brakes

Mountain roads can put a lot of strain on your vehicle. Driving uphill requires the engine to output a lot of power, and driving downhill can also cause wear and tear. Use these mountain-driving tips to reduce strain on your clutch and brakes during your next road trip. 1. Drive Uphill in a Lower Gear When driving up a steep hill, it is essential to keep your car in a low gear. Read More 

Semi-Trailer Trucks: Three Essential Tips for Preparing for Long Trips

Semi-trailer trucks are designed for long-distance travel and heavy haulage. Their structures are durable and robust, and they can withstand constant pressure on the road. However, this does not mean that these vehicles are not susceptible to deterioration. If the truck is used constantly for commercial operations without adequate care, the automotive systems will begin to fail. Therefore, it is important to plan for regular trailer servicing. In addition, consider conducting inspections before taking a long trip. Read More 

3 Steps To Take If Your Transmission Fluid Leaks

Leaking transmission fluid can cause a lot of stress because you probably depend on your car for several tasks. If you're not careful, a transmission fluid leak can end up being overly expensive, especially if it results in a major breakdown. Prevent this by following these steps if your transmission fluid leaks and make sure you choose a trusted car mechanic to assess and repair the problem.  1. Look For Colour, Consistency And Odour  Read More 

Why You Should Also Use Your Car’s Air Conditioning System When It’s Cold

Do you look forward to a change of season? If so, you may be ready to break out the barbecue when summer comes along and be ready to pull all of those Christmas decorations out of the attic. You may know that some of these activities are purely seasonal, however, and don't think about them for the rest of the year. In turn, you may use this approach when dealing with some other components on your car and in particular, the air conditioning. Read More