Preparing Your Car for a Long Trip

Three Brake Care Tips to Prolong the Service Life

The cost of repairing and replacing components in the braking system can be high. Therefore, you should think about protecting your brakes from accelerated degradation, general damage and premature failure. Often, vehicle owners blame the quality of their brake parts for the fast deterioration. This might be the case in some vehicles. However, in most cases, the fast wear can be traced to lack of maintenance and poor driving habits. Here are some simple tips to help you extend the brake system lifespan a little. Read More 

The First Four Steps of Cylinder Head Reconditioning Explained

An internal combustion engine, found in most of the vehicles you see around, comes with a cylinder block comprising a couple of cylinders. The cylinder head sits on top of all the cylinders to seal and keep them safe. More importantly, the cylinder head houses passages for the mixture of fuel and air to facilitate combustion in the engine. It also has exhaust valves for removing the unwanted gases produced by combustion in the engine. Read More 

Understanding the Importance of a Roadworthiness Certificate If You’re New to Australian Shores

Every year, thousands of people make the long journey across the ocean to make a new home in Australia. This is certainly an adventure and requires a great deal of planning and foresight and part of this preparation will involve the purchase of a new form of transportation, upon arrival. While most countries around the world have a way of regulating the quality of vehicles on the highway, Australia has a very specific process, involving the issuance of a roadworthy certificate. Read More 

Tips to Help Your Transmission Last Longer

Your transmission is one of the most important parts of your vehicle, and it's costly to buy a new one. Luckily, it's fairly rare for a transmission to fail, and you can help yours last longer with the following tips. 1. Check Fluids on Manufacturer's Schedule Generally, your logbook should tell you how often you need to get the fluids on your transmission checked. Follow that schedule, and get the fluids changed as needed. Read More 

3 Important Tips for Assessing, Maintaining and Replacing Your Car’s Alternator

Your car's alternator is a part of the engine, and its purpose is to continuously charge your car battery and its electrical components while the engine runs. Because of this, the alternator is considered a hard-working part and lasts between 40,000-100,000 miles depending on the number of electronics it charges, quality of the part and the driving conditions. This article discusses three essential aspects of alternator care. 1. Signs of imminent alternator failure Read More